History and Mission

Since 1978, the Institute of Science and Public Affairs (ISPA) has served as the gateway to university resources and expertise for government agencies and private organizations.

Through its component centers and institutes, ISPA is able to identify and to respond effectively and efficiently to some of our most critical environmental, social, and economic problems, whether local, regional, statewide, national, or global.

Both undergraduate and graduate students are an integral part of every aspect of ISPA. They gain experience in both research and technology, learn to work as members of a team, and explore options for their future. Many of the centers and institutes provide opportunities for student internships within the university as well as elsewhere in the United States and abroad.

ISPA and its component centers and institutes employ over 140 people, including 25 faculty members. They have been awarded numerous contracts and grants amounting to millions of dollars. Stephen Hodge currently serves as the Director of the Institute. Through a variety of contracts, ISPA maintains a broad array of data resources available for public use. It also offers an extensive set of services for use in responding to critical social, environmental, governmental, education and training, and economic issues.