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The Institute for Academic Leadership conducts workshops to enhance the planning, management, and leadership competencies of department chairpersons, deans and academic administrators of the State University System of Florida.

Dr. Allan Tucker established the Institute for Academic Leadership at Florida State University in 1978 with a $500,000 grant from the Kellogg Foundation. In 1981, when the Kellogg grant expired, the State University System elected to support and continue the program. Dr. Lawrence G. Abele serves as Director of the Institute.

The Department Chairpersons Workshop consists of two sessions, one during the fall term and one during the spring term. Participants are primarily new chairs, however, experienced chairs are also included. Different topics are covered at each session and sessions can be attended in any order. Each participant is nominated by his/her dean and provost. The format of the workshop includes presentations on topics relevant to academic management followed by small discussion groups. One of the major benefits of the workshop is the opportunity for interaction among colleagues. Workshop topics include the power and authority of a chair; procedures for recruiting, employing and retaining faculty; legal implications of being a department chair; professional growth and faculty development; decision making; bringing about change; maintaining morale; curriculum planning; and departmental budgeting. The State University System funds this program, therefore, there is no cost to the participant or department.